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Timber Decking

Outdoor living and dining are a big part of the Australian lifestyle — so inviting, comfortable and stylish outdoor spaces are a must for the quintessential Australian home and family. Timber decking ticks all the boxes when it comes to durability, style, versatility and functionality.

Timber decking hardwood is a popular choice for its versatility. It is an excellent choice for open spaces where in the indoors meets the outdoors, to create flow and consistency between the two spaces. Timber decking is also suitable for use around pools and is a great alternative to concrete and paving materials. Its versatility extends also to application in vertical design elements such as screens, gates and fences, and can even be used for seating.

When installing, we recommend that decking be nailed or screwed directly onto hardwood bearers and joists. For fencing projects, timber should be screwed into timber or steel posts. A well-cared for and treated deck will see you through years of outdoor living, entertaining and barbecues. When it is exposed to the elements, it will naturally take on soft silver-grey look. In order to preserve its colour and extend its life, apply a decking finish to the exposed surfaces and continue to reapply as required.

When sourced from a trusted supplier, timber is a sustainable choice for outdoor living areas and Bone Online only stocks responsibly sourced timber. As a leading stockist of timber decking in Australia, Bone Online stocks softwood decking boards and hardwood decking timber in a range of dimensions that can be delivered to your door.