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Solid timber flooring has long been a popular choice for Australian homes, offices and spaces due to its natural beauty and durability. A high-quality timber floor will quickly transform a house into a home, adding style, elegance and warmth.

Pine is a classic flooring material but its versatility means it is suitable for inside the home and out, and its application isn’t reserved purely for flooring projects — it is also suitable for other applications such as pool surrounds, screens, seating, gates and fences. Because of its dual use, it is suitable for homes that have open living designs to bring consistency and natural flow between indoor and outdoor areas. Treated pine decking is built over the natural lie of the land, meaning that it won’t interfere with drainage. This makes it a great alternative to concrete and paving materials.

As pine flooring is generally available as an unfinished product, you have an opportunity to finish your floor in any shade, and it can also be returned to its original state relatively easily. Durable and affordable, pine is available is a range of colours from nearly white to golden yellow to deep, rich browns and red, while the wood’s natural grain, pin holes and knobs add character and a rustic appeal which can be accentuated through the chosen finish.

As a leading stockist of timber wood products, Bone Online stocks treated pine timber in a range of dimensions that can be delivered to your door.