At Bone Timber, we offer a bespoke timber service in which we are able to reproduce timber profiles of skirting, architraves, and mouldings for your home – from heritage pieces to concepts yet to exist.

But we don’t just stop at reproduction – our highly skilled artisans can create any custom timber piece that you’re looking to have made, whether it’s from a simple drawing or a sample. This is what sets us apart – craftsmanship only attainable with over 100 years of history.

For our local customers, pop into our showroom with your sample in hand and talk to our sales staff to receive a quote. For our interstate customers, you can send your sample in to us! The process is simple: 

Step 1 – Take one or two photos clearly showing the sample you would like reproduced. See the below example:

Sample Example Photo

Step 2 – Send an email to providing as many details as you can regarding what you need done, along with your photos. (Include information such as approximate size i.e. height and thickness, timber specie preferred, painted or stain, lineal metres required for each, is an exact match required or close to ok, time required, shipping address, contact name and number) 

Step 3 – Our team will then review your request and follow up within an hour of receiving your e-mail if we have any questions. If everything is in order, we’ll send you a quotation within 24 hours.

Step 4 – On your acceptance of the quotation, we’ll send you an Express Post satchel via Standard Delivery (2-3 days) with our details pre-populated on it. All you need to do is pop your sample in and send it to us – don’t worry we’ll cover the delivery cost! Keep in mind your sample will need to fit in the satchel and weigh no more than 3kg.

Express Post Satchel - Large

Step 5Once we receive your sample, we’ll kick off production and have the final product shipped back to you within the quoted timeframe.