Geo J Bone & Sons Pty Ltd is a company committed to the observance of all laws and the highest ethical standards. The Board has reconfirmed the company’s commitment to trade practices compliance by issuing this policy.

The Trade Practices Act 1974 is a law that promotes competition and fair trading.
The TPA regulates how we are required to conduct our business, particularly in relation to dealings with competitors, customers and suppliers.

The Trade Practices Act 1974 sets the ground rules for competing in the marketplace and we will not break those rules when we conduct our business. We are implementing a Trade Practices Compliance Program to ensure we do not engage in illegal ‘restrictive trade practices, such as anti-competitive agreements and price fixing.

Companies that break the rules, even if those breaches are innocent, expose themselves to penalties (up to $10 million) damages, Court Orders and personal liability for those individuals involved with the breaches.

Our objective is to be a company where:

• our people demonstrate commitment to Trade Practices compliance;

• we have useful systems and procedures to support and assist us;

• we provide interesting , effective and ongoing training on applicable laws and relevant systems and procedures; and

• people are held accountable for their performance and their conduct

We are committed to giving our employees appropriate resources by way of systems, training, and support to enable them to meet their obligations and avoid liability and loss to themselves and the business.

Our employees’ obligation is to make proper use of the systems, training, and support provided by the business to meet their legal obligations and avoid liability and loss to the business and themselves.

Any persons who are knowingly or recklessly engages in conduct that breaches the Trade Practices Act, will be the subject of disciplinary action. Deliberate non compliance with the Trade Practices Act will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal.

We have nominated a Compliance Officer. That person has responsibility for implementing our Trade Practices Compliance Program. If you are aware of any potential Trade Practices or compliance related issues, you must notify the Compliance Officer immediately. The company will assist employees who report to the Compliance Officer. The company will not assist employees who know about potential problems but do not report to the Compliance Officer.

The current Compliance Officer is Andrew Bone, Managing Director. You
can contact the Compliance Officer by:

• Telephone:  08 8293 8053

• Email: